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Benefits of a Top Level Generic Keyword Domain Name 

  • Drives targeted traffic to your web site based on keyword searches relating to your brand identity, products and/or services.

  • Takes traffic away from competing web sites that are only using a domain name based on a company name or vanity name, not key words used by potential visitors searching for your products or services.

  • Can be used in conjunction with any existing domain name(s) you are using, or as your primary domain name.

  • When used with an existing domain name(s) you can double, triple, and so on the unique keywords and site descriptions recorded by search engines. This can increase your overall visibility by up to 100% for each additional keyword generic domain name used.

  • Top level generic names with keywords are easy to remember. Your site can benefit from competing web sites that use the same keywords in their advertising campaigns.

  • Using a top level keyword domain name is proven to provide better search engine results than just a company or vanity domain name based on back links from other sites. This strongly reinforces the keywords in your generic domain name to your web site address. Thus increasing your link placement.

  • Visitors that arrive to a web site via a generic keyword domain name are typically already pre-sold on the product or service related to the generic key words used.

      Hyphens or No Hyphens: We do not use or recommend the usage of hyphens in any domain name. First
     and foremost is they are confusing to remember and offer no word of mouth value when heard outside the      Internet venue. Statistics have shown most customers will forget to include hyphens in a domain name
     and end up being directed to a competing web site without hyphens in the domain name.
Another reason
     is domains with hyphens are appraised at significantly lower value in all domain name appraisal circles than
     the same name without hyphens. This is for a reason! Most search engines incur a ranking penalty in
     placement for these type of domain names for keyword spamming.

Check out our list of available generic domain names for lease, lease purchase, or direct purchase. Let us show you the many different ways a generic domain name can be used to benefit your company or organization today!


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